Art Chic Apartment in Paris designed by PFB Design and Furnished by BRABBU

The renovation of a Haussmann style apartment in Paris, conducted by the French designer Patricia Mauguy Flores, from PFB Design, is one of the latest interior design projects in which BRABBU’s products have been included.

The restoration of this private residence was handed to Patricia Mauguy Flores by a young family that trusted the designer’s talent for mixing modernism and tradition, comfort and originality, while effectively transforming the house into a unique space.

The designer selected the finest materials and worked on a bold association of colors, in order to make this spacious apartment an elegant and stylish household. The primary goal was clear: to enhance the majesty the high ceilings and the ornate moldings give to the apartment, with luxury furniture and a creative color scheme.

With this in mind, it was in the living area and the contiguous dining room that Patricia decided to include two dissimilar models of armchairs from BRABBU – Dukono and Namib, respectively. And, with the aim of matching the overall color palette, the designer opted to personalize the chairs with different fabrics. Placed in a common area, set as a place for reading in the middle of the living room, Dukono armchair stands out from the neutral background with its bold purple hues.

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