High-End Furniture Meets Contemporary Art – a cultural fusion

The world of high-end interior design is about to be transformed by combining it with contemporary art. It is an innovative cultural fusion that brings together BRABBU, a high-end furniture design brand that reflects an intense way of living with VELVENOIR, an international art consultancy and gallery that works with a global network of art experts on various hospitality, commercial and residential projects.

Together both firms are taking contemporary art out of the white cube space and placing it into high-end interior design concepts to allow collectors and clients to experience art and design in a one-of-a-kind symbiosis. BRABBU & VELVENOIR joined forces in an international partnership with the fundamental goal of disseminating the importance of contemporary art within the design industry.

To show the world how it all comes together, we’ve designed the first Art x Interior - Ambiances which embody the most beautiful and delicate features of both an international array of museum standard established and emerging artists, such Chen Ping, Mark Perlman and Ivan Marchuk in a combination with a sophisticated design concept and furniture crafted by the BRABBU team such as Vellum, Maya or Sequoia designs.

All Lifestyle Images combine fierceness and elegance through the techniques used in the artworks and the bold design of each piece. Together they make a statement and allow an innovative and extraordinary experience and perception of interior design and art themselves. The recognition of the value and benefit of this new Art x Interior concept, will come to life at Maison & Objet Paris in September.

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