Interior styling with nature's forces

Nature has the most powerful and fierce forces in the world. Nature’s ability to create and destroy only finds similarity with itself.

Recreating the forces of nature through design, using the materials, textures, scents, flavors and colors, BRABBU brings rhythm to an interior styling. Different stories will be narrated when picking the different design pieces for the décor.

CAY Side Table works as an attention focus by its raw shape that seems solid lava. BRABBU’s Maree Sofa recalls a landscape softened by waves and SAKI Pendant Light recreates the atmosphere of a bamboo forest. And APIS Dining Table gives a stronger attitude to a dining room by its table top that resembles de torso of a big ancient tree. These are some of BRABBU’s pieces inspirations.

Eric Corey Freed, a renowned organic architect, once said that «using Nature as our basis for design, design must grow, as Nature grows, from the inside out», meaning that interior styling is a reflection of an attitude and when it comes to styling an interior with furniture inspired by nature’s forces it’s a question of finding balance. Balance between strength and subtlety, strong and soft textures, warm and fresh scents, aging and innovation.

Once this pursuit for balance it’s achieve it, an enriched ambiance fulfilled with memories will be the outcome. Read more [..]

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