Colors, textures, materials and different styles serve as inspiration for fabric collections to make a difference when it comes to hotel design. Everyone wants the best fabrics and materials for decorating their places to impress the best way. One of the events where it is possible to discover various and fabulous trends is during the Paris Deco Off. Once again this year, Paris was the place for this free event open to all the people who want to see the best designs and the best fabric collections.
this post, we show you the Top 10 of trend fabrics for Hospitality this year. Check out our selection of fabric collections and let yourself be inspired.

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Top 10 Trend Fabrics for Hospitality 2017
Aldeco Interior Fabrics is a creative Portuguese brand that is specialized in high-end interior fabrics and has incredible collections of  fabrics, combining innovation and followers of the latest design trends. Your concept is represented by their quality and high-end fabrics always with elegance and functionality. They have showrooms in Porto, Lisbon and Algarve, Portugal, in Paris, France and also in Madrid, Spain. They have a range of fabrics as silks, velvets, linens, chenille, organzas, printed cotton, taffetas and blackouts.

Bernhardt Design and Anabela Chan´s Textile Collection
Top 10 Trend Fabrics for Hospitality 2017
Result of a collaboration between Bernhardt Design and Anabela Chan who create a new upholstery textile collection. This partnership was set into motion by Jerry Helling, president of Bernhardt Design, and its inspired by Chan’s jewelry shop.The fabrics are inspired in exotic travel and nature, including unusual butterflies, rare birds, and beetle specimens.

Romo’s Kelso Collection
Top 10 Trend Fabrics for Hospitality 2017
Led by Romo’s design director Emily Mould, Romo has released its new Kelso collection. This collection have a lot of prints, weaves and embroideries. This British and classic collection pays homage to time-tested designs and traditional handcrafted artistry, putting a modern spin on staid traditions. Once again a collection with a great quality and beautiful textures.

The 2016/17 Dominique Kieffer by Rubelli
Top 10 Trend Fabrics for Hospitality 2017
A collection inspired by the beauty and imperfections with handmade materials. The collection features 13 different designs, all of them influenced by artisanal craft and intricate embroidery. The signature tones of this collection are inspired by the Mditerranean with a vibrant shades that include petrol blue, grey blue, turquoise, teal and of course, neutrals and soft pinks.

Top 10 Trend Fabrics for Hospitality 2017
Alcantara is an Italian product of excellence, unique, resistant, embodying a perfect balance of technology and tradition, entirely made in Italy with a great colors and great fabrics.

Top 10 Trend Fabrics for Hospitality 2017
Alhambra is a spanish brand founded in Alicante, in 1977 and is a reference in textiles of high quality and design. Known by mixing textiles, textures and colours, this brand creates a universe of textiles that draw our soul and fill our life with well-being.

Christian Lacroix
Top 10 Trend Fabrics for Hospitality 2017
Lacroix, an inescapable name with an exceptional style, very colourful, glamorous and baroque. The brand always brings a sense of freshness and fashion which englobe a modern and international approach to design. Over 25 years, Lacroix brings luxurious and enriching developments to the Couture House.

Top 10 Trend Fabrics for Hospitality 2017
, an another inescapable name was originated back in 1837. Now this high fashion and luxury brand focuses on creating glamorous leathery pieces, lifestyle accessories, home furnishings, jewellery and many other things.The brand that unveiling their first collection of wallpapers and furnishing fabrics, found inspiration from lively themes, as travelling and fantasy.

Ralph Lauren
Top 10 Trend Fabrics for Hospitality 2017
Everyone knows Ralph Lauren. The american brand is known for presenting quality products and creating his own exceptional and welcoming world of design. Ralph Lauren designs feature a balance between a timeless style and modern elements. The Ralph Luren pieces are often inspired by visual images and rustic beauty, American West and by Hollywood glamour.

Top 10 Trend Fabrics for Hospitality 2017
Another big name from high fashion and luxury world. MissoniHome offers lifestyle, furnishing and outdoor products rub shoulders with the world-famous brand’s classic panorama of home textiles and linen. Once again, a brand that brings beautiful colors and patterns.

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