The BARAKA Collection, one of BRABBU’s most distinctive and potent collections, will be discussed in this article. This exceptional collection, which includes some of the most elegant pieces, is ideal for any space in your house, from the office to the bedroom. Find out more about this collection now.

modern office design with baraka collection

BARAKA Collection has a very significant meaning. The BARAKA Collection possesses the same power as its meaning. An extremely distinctive collection with outstanding items that work in any setting.

baraka collection modern bookcase

The BARAKA Bookcase has a matte walnut root veneer main body with nature-inspired brass embellishments; matte vintage brass for the base; and bird’s eye wood veneer on the inside of the drawers. Due to its constant contrasts between classic and modern lines, this modern contemporary bookcase is the perfect option for your modern homes.

baraka collection sideboard

This contemporary wood sideboard, which has smoked glass shelves, a base in brushed aged matte brass, a strucure in walnut root veneer, matte and polished brass embellishments, and an interior made of poplar wood veneer, was designed in the spirit of BARAKA.

baraka collection modern bedside table

The BARAKA Bedside Table’s brass details, which are inspired by nature, are covered by a matte walnut root veneer main body. It has a bird’s eye wood veneer interior and a matte vintage brass base. This wooden bedside nightstand is a daring choice for interior design in a home or hotel.

modern desk of baraka colection

The BARAKA Desk is distinguished by its never-ending contrasts between traditional and modern lines. Its main body is built of matte walnut root veneer and coated with nature-inspired brass ornamentation. It comprises internal drawers with bird’s eye wood veneer and a matte vintage brass base. Any home office design would benefit from the inclusion of this modern home office desk.

baraka collection chest

The interior of the BARAKA Chest features bird eye wood veneer, a vintage matte brass base, and walnut root veneer in its half-brightness. Your modern home design will be infused with Baraka vitality thanks to this contemporary wood chest with drawers.

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