It is time to be inspired by the main home interior design trend for 2019.

BRABBU upholstery Malay chair

Clashing patterns

Piling on a pattern is confident and brash. Start with cushions on a sofa or pillows on a bed. Mix floral with geometric shapes, beautiful abstractions, animal skins, and illustrative prints.

Main home interior design trends for 2019

New pillows collection from BRABBU perfectly suits in the modern interior design. These pillows are inspired by the most beautiful crystals in its brute stadium. Contrasting hard figures with the soft twill fabric, this pillow is a modern and rare nature representation. This versatile and luxurious design allows a multiplicity of opportunities for decoration that will surely impress everyone.

Main home interior design trends for 2019

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Velvet Sofas

Velvet Sofas is on trend again. This timeless fabric will bring a lot of style to your living room. That’s why some of best interior designers of the world include velvet in their projects.

In the photo, you are seeing HERMES Sofa by BRABBU. In Greek Mythology, Hermes is the God of boundaries, travel, and communication. This was the inspiration behind HERMES Sofa, a living room sofa upholstered in cotton velvet and legs in polished brass. It is a statement mid-century modern sofa capable of transforming any room.

The home bar

The home bar — formerly it was called a cocktail cabinet— marks a lifestyle swing towards staying in with your mates.

Main home interior design trends for 2019

Main home interior design trends for 2019

The rough-luxe look

Warm metallics such as brass, copper, and gold bring glam to exposed brick, concrete, and rough timber.

Main home interior design trends for 2019

Main home interior design trends for 2019

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Midnight jewel tones

Next season midnight jewel tones, from navy blue through to deep aqua, teal, and turquoise are on trends. Use these color to make small rooms richly enticing, adding layered lighting, touches of pink and gold.

The Scottish Loch Maree is surrounded by a picturesque mountain with a rugged landscape. MAREE Sofa by BRABBU portrays that rough landscape softened by the tufted cotton velvet. This impressive living room sofa gives a modern flair to the classic Chesterfield sofa.

Main home interior design trends for 2019

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