The holidays are coming and everybody loves to decorate the house giving an extra holiday touch to home decor. To be with our family, enjoying the cold outside, it is important to have the most comfortable and beautiful design. BRABBU wants to help you with that and we created some inspirational designs for you. Let yourself be inspired by this amazing holiday home decor choices and start to take some love notes from it.

Holidays are synonymous with comfort and cosiness. For this, you need a space that combines these two characteristics. That is exactly what we find here as floor-to-ceiling windows illuminate the magnificent FITZROY velvet corner sofa and KOI centre table in this mid-century modern living room. The NAICCA Chandelier and KUMI Mirror keep the light shining in this modern living room.

This time of year is perfect for having a full house. And what’s more inviting than a spacious and heated living room? It is one of the locations that receives the most attention while designing, thus it is significant to us. The BORNEO Single Sofa and MALAY Armchair are both upholstered in velvet, and the KOI family is in the centre of this lovely earth-inspired living room. The BELIZE Mirror and MUSA Fireplace add a sophisticated and comfortable touch to this living room decor. Ideal for Holidays.

When we talk about holidays decoration, it is not restricted only to the Christmas pine tree in the living room. In the environment above we can see that Christmas decor fits perfectly in a space that can be dedicated to rest and reading. The main component in this environment is the KUMI II Mirror. This product is composed of glossy hammered aged brass and pays homage to Kumi, a Japanese oyster of intrinsic beauty.

Holidays decor can also fit very well in a versatile environment like the one described above, which brings together the living and dining rooms. An intelligent room design may create a comfortable atmosphere, give adequate mobility space, and successfully accommodate eating parties. This interior’s warm tones produce a highly appealing style in which the bold designs of each element stand out. The grey upholstery of the DALYAN II Counter Stool complements the grey upholstery of the MALAY 2 Seat Sofa, while the beige neutral velvet of the HERA Armchair completely contrasts.

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