Castello 4: Get inspired with this outstanding Hong Kong Restaurant

Hong Kong Restaurant

Castello 4 Hong Kong Restaurant, brings to you a unique dining experience, a congruence of divergent desires and whims. Nestled in the metropolis of Causeway Bay next to Times Square, Castello 4 defines stylish elegance and contemporary designs, insulating you from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding area. The lines and materials are ultra modern, yet the place shows off elegance and style whilst keeping its unique design.

inside Castello 4

the bar

Built by Milimiter Interior Design, Castello 4 offers classic European cuisine with a Mediterranean twist, a smorgasbord of sensations for your palate.  Fresh ingredients and traditional recipes are reinterpreted with creative flair and presentation.

dining at Castello 4 hong kong restaurantdining table detail

The collection of thoroughbred and boutique wines with inspiration of historical wine regions of Europe, along with an eclectic range of whiskies and unique cocktails, further elevates your dining experience.

cery modern design for Castello 4 restaurantOutstanding Hong Kong Restaurant

more dining details at Castello 4

The design starts from the center line of this space and used a bi-folding concept to create a symmetrical pattern in the shape of a vaulted ceiling, unusually designed with pillars in the shape of an inverted triangle. The designer aims to emphasize the height of the ceiling to create space illusion. With effective use of a 5-meter high ceiling, the designer successfully transforms a unit within an ordinary building into a revolutionary hall with the intention to amaze and draw attention in an instant.

table set

Castello 4: the bar

The distribution of lighting on the pillars highlights the differences between daylight and nightlight views, setting completely different moods and ambiance. Castello 4 is unbelievably modern in the look and style, yet it manages to become cozy thaks to the sublime cousine and lighting details. Get ready to be pampered!



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